WTC Network

In the modern context the distances between different parts of the world have shortened which has boosted the trade relations among different- different people. This Generates the demand of a premier organization which can help people develop trade relations in another market and thereby expand their business. World Trade Center is one such organization that works exclusively in developing new trade relations and helping those who want to expand their business into a new market.

The World Trade Center is a pioneer organization whose primitive goal is to establish flowing trade and investment opportunities to all those organizations looking to expand their business on a global scale. It focuses on developing an “international ecosystem” where everyone can establish trade relations under the prestigious name of WTC Noida 3.


World Trade Center Association has a vision to become a pioneer organization to flourish Global Business. It wants to establish a strong network which can help in developing all those organizations working under it. It aims at becoming an organization that everyone considers when they want to expand their business globally.


The mission of the world trade center association is to expand its already established network. It works on it by expanding its operations to the countries which are slowly making a name for themselves in the field of international trade. WTC mission is to establish WTC centers in almost every part of the world.

Our Values   

WTC association since its set up has always worked by the values that were laid by its founding members and continues to do so in the current context too

Service Oriented       

We work on establishing quality services to all our members so that we can have a long term association where both parties can reap the benefits.


Our goal is to establish meaningful interactions with our every member according to their needs.


We work on bringing people closer to establish trust among our members to achieve total good.



Our aim is to help our members with strategic plans which may turn out to be helpful for them.


We establish transparency in our operations so as to have a trustworthy relation.

Culturally diverse  

We aim at brining people from different places closer to ensure productivity and creativity.