WTC & Verbind

The Vision and Business Policies of Verbind

Verbind was launched as a service provider on Trade and Investment for the World Trade Centers in association with the WTC Noida 3, or the World Trade Centre Association. Presently, it has more than 300 members from more than 90 countries in the world. When it comes to providing world-class trade services at a global level, it is the one-stop solution. It is an integrated, independent business management and trade facilitation services organization which aims towards unifying the various components of education, trade services, and infrastructure. Their aim is to support and connect with the various SME’s operating in India and helping them in the process of development and growth.

Change is the Mantra for Growth

Being operational active since last 1 year, Verbind is going through a process of change and it aiming towards developing a business model which would be sustainable in nature. This change is a dynamic process where if one plan fails, they would quickly shift over to another. Verbind regularly measures and monitors their progress and are continuously trying to formulate and design the perfect business model. They are continuously trying for new and innovative ways in order to get access to the required funds for the SME’s in India, developing the human capital, mentor and nurture promising talent. They are also in a process of accelerating business by creating an environment of trust and ease while conducting their business. This is how flexible Verbind’s business operation is. India being a demanding market has offered the ideal platform for the company to launch its operations. It has already set up more than 540 collaborations all over the world. They are under the process of strengthening and creating local networks. It has become a very effective solution by creating trade zones in order to connect the Indian companies along with their counterparts who are located in different parts of the world.

The Core Services of Verbind

The core services of Verbind include the followings:
• Strategic and tactical planning in order to manage the operations which are taking place overseas.
• Compliance reviews of the trade when it comes to export and import.
• Process improvement and internal control
• Collaboration and participation with the international and domestic trade bodies.

Apart from these, Verbind also represents the interest of the followings:
• Indian Entrepreneurs
• Innovators at the grass root levels, and
• Small manufacturing units

Presently Verbind is assisting and promoting the WTC noida, or the World Trade Center projects which are to be launched in some of the places of utmost strategic importance in India, like Noida, Chandigarh, Faridabad, Ahmedabad, Surat, Lucknow and some others.

Verbind is playing an excellent role towards the growth and development of the Indian real estate market. It has also played a very important role when it comes to the overall development of the business sectors in this country. The WTC project is expected to bring about a massive change and development in these regions in terms of growth and economic prosperity.