Viridian Red

A Brief Overview of Viridian Red and its Contribution to Indian Real Estate

Viridian Red is one of the most reputed names in the domain of Indian real estate for the role it has played. Its vision is to deliver quality and innovative services and solutions in the Real Estate market of India. Viridian Real Estate Development is a niche of the Viridian group which deals in development, asset management, and investment. Viridian Red is a name to be reckoned with for its contribution to the real estate industry and for the role it has played which is marked by excellence and innovation. It is the primary objective of Viridian Red to help generate security and wealth for the customers and its stakeholders at the same time.

Viridian Red – A Name to be reckoned with

Viridian Red so far has contributed more than 20 million square feet which consist of hotels, commercial offices, and residential units. It has numerous other projects in the pipeline. No wonder, why Viridian Red is considered to be as one of the leaders in the real estate market in India. The brand believes in “greenery”, which is quite evident in every single project it has executed. It is now establishing new benchmarks by carrying the huge potential of the WTC Noida sort the World Trade Centre across different parts of India. They have already identified the vital centers of commerce which would play an instrumental role towards the growth. They have also designed a strategic roadmap for a full-fledged roll out of the World Trade Centre across India.

Their Mission

They are driven by their mission of developing and creating favorable spaces for working and as well as living. They also work towards the goal of offering residential complexes to their clients which would match their lifestyles. They have come up with innovative concepts which have helped to enhance their reputation and add to their credentials and credibility. The ventures which have been undertaken by Viridian Red, be it commercial or residential, reflects the commitment of the company towards the preservation of the environment and offering its customers with enhanced choices and a higher rate of returns n investment.

The Campaigns of Viridian Red

Over the last couple of years, Viridian Red has launched several campaigns over different types of media in order to connect with the interested parties and make the mass aware of their presence and their contribution. The features of these campaigns launched by the Viridian Red have been a terrific blend of outstanding design, inventive approach, and a communication which is easy to comprehend. They have received a great response to their campaigns and they are well on their way to achieving their objective.

In the Indian Real Estate market, Viridian Red has emerged as a fresh air. It has been operating in the market for the last couple of years; however, their pace of progress has picked up speed lately, and with their WTC membership, today they are considered to be as one of the giants in this domain. Viridian Red is doing wonders for the development of the real estate market in India.