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WTC Noida

WTC is an organization working on building healthy trade relations among all its partners, which is why it keeps on expanding its operations in various countries to provide the business owners with World Class infrastructure and some modern amenities. It has established 332 centers in almost 89 different countries.

WTC considers that the Indian Market has a great potential to reach new heights which is why WTC CEO Scott Ferguson praised the developments in Indian Economy and the startup industry here and also announced that WTC will be expounding its list of centers in India by announcing that Viridian Group in association with WTC will build 13 more WTC center in India to provide world class facilities in India and promote global trade.

WTC has already expanded its centers from 5 to 26 and 13 of them will be licensed to the Viridian Group so as to manage them. WTC is slowly making their organization strong in the Indian real estate market and has already established tow WTC towers in Noida which are fully functional and have also leased them to VIVO, a leading Smartphone company in India with Viridian Group as their main associate in the Indian market.

WTC believes that there is an opportunity for the growth of trade and investment opportunities because of the latest governmental norms and being a partner at WTC center in Noida will open the gates for business owners to have connections in different cities all over the world and this exposure will provide them with more opportunities to grow.

Ms. Khair Ull Nissa, Executive Director of Viridian Group also expressed his delight about the association with WTC and stated that the company will continue to develop more landmarks across India. Viridian group is proud to have an association with WTC in 13 different projects.

WTC also expressed the incredible growth of Real estate market in India, which is the reason why they associated with Viridian group.

According to a recent report from JLL there was total $149 million invested in the Indian retail real estate market.